Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mean girls, it's not just a white thing you know.

Ok, maybe I do like to pick on "should this really be a study?" studies. I should have some compassion, I did get my Ph.D. on "A kinetic analysis of the novel states of the human formyl peptide receptor". Really. You can look it up if you want.

A grad student is studying the phenomenon of "mean girls", something we have all had experience with. She is studying in particular the fact that this is not just a white girl thing, apparently girls of other races do it too...

Hellooo. Didn't you see "Bring it on"? Yeah, probably not. I have the excuse of being mom to two pre-teen girls. So I can see bad movies and not look the worse for it. Both of my daughters are navigating the "mean girl" waters nicely. My problem is getting them to recognise that often they are the "mean girls".

She is also going to study this phenomenon in older women. I think the best thing about growing up is when we work out that we don't need that kind of interaction anymore. This weekend I won't be blogging as I am walking with thousands of women (and a few extraordinary men) in the Breast Cancer 3-day. I will be walking 60 miles over the weekend. I did this walk last year and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. The part that moves me the most is being thanked by women who have survived cancer, and families who have lost someone to it. It makes walking 60 miles seem trivial.

Here's to growing out of the "mean girl" stage.


Karen Ussery said...

Dude! Congrats on your blog, combining two of your passions.

Re: the mean girl thing. Here's a (seemingly, but not) innocuous thing women say: "She's so pretty. I hate her!"

What's up with that?

Thanks for doing the walk. I love you.

Karen Ussery said...
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Anonymous said...

for a moment there... i thought i was 10 again!! or was it 12? 14? 8? 19? 22?..

great site! oopss.. gotta get with it.. great blog!

your strength and love inspires me daily.

You wouldn't believe how much i think of you...

love you heaps

lots of love n kisses


Anonymous said...

You go girl! How was the walk? Inquiring minds want to know!


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